WordPress Developer, London


WordPress is clearly the industry’s first choice for CMSS these days, specialising in the delivery of blogs right across the world, with thousands familiar with it’s editing and publishing software interface. I now prefer this as a tool of choice for most CMS set-ups and there are enough customisable options to create just exactly what you need.

I have set up countless numbers of WordPress blogs over recent years and enjoy the simplicity of the work needed to get an initial website up and running right away, with further tweaks all fairly easy to complete as you move forwards after that. Developing for WordPress is helped by the huge amounts of support available online which will generally offer you others who have found and solved much the same problems as you may go through yourself.

WordPress was initially my tool for blogs but now i have also used it as a general CMS system for things like portfolios, small company websites and similar. It always has the advantage of allowing less technically skilled colleagues to easily update information and so many people now have a good understanding of the WordPress admin area where all content updates can be made.

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