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SEO has come along way since it’s early usage back in the day, and is now a far more in-depth and valued skill, now encompassing advertising streams (PPC) as well as ongoing analysis of organic rankings. I have good knowledge of most facets of professional SEO, be it on-page and off-page optimisation to managing Adwords and Adsense accounts in order to maximise overall traffic and CPA (cost per acquisition) from various search engine sources.

I have several of my own projects on which i do a lot of organic SEO work and find this the best way of keeping up to date with the ever changing optimisation techniques which have to adapt to the constant Google Algorithm updates. I always aim for long-term success and use purely White Hat techniques as experience tells me that anything else will normally end in tears, sooner or later.

SEO, and the techniques that i will need to concentrate on, will always be heavily dependant on the client and their precise requirements and budget. The timeframe in which they require results will also be heavily influential, and this may be affected by an imminent campaign or perhaps a brand new product or service launch. One example might be syndication on social media of press news giving short term gain, or a long-term strategy with carefully structured backlinks from strong, related websites.

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