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Scrum Working Methodologies

Scrum is an Agile working framework for software and web development.

Scrum includes key elements of Agile which will feel very familiar for those who have worked in this style before.

The likes of Scrum of scrums, sprint planning meetings, backlog grooming and daily scrums are now a part of many web developer’s daily routine. Scrum has now become possibly the most common implementation of Agile within Web Development circles, and it’s use is now truly globalised.

Having used Agile Scrum in many companies, as well as in different countries, i can happily say that for me it is really effective when implemented correctly and can lead to improved performance over time, as lessons are learnt from one sprint to the next.

The implementation of Scrum that i have become most accustomed to use hard copies of everything, attached to the Information Radiator. It is refreshing in a way to use real items as a way of storing information on the project when so much is stored on computer. It also forces the team to summarise information down to just what is absolutely necessary.

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