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JSON has proved a useful data format for several projects, most recently MandarinCards.com.

Whilst learning Chinese characters i realised that i needed to create a website which would load immediately and not require any further internet access, so that i could review the examples on the London Tube on the way to work.

JSON data is cached by default and is also very small in size, making it the perfect format for saving my Mandarin characters, with Pinyin and English translations all stored as part of each individual object.

jQuery provides the quickest solution for accessing the JSON data and displaying it on the HTML page. Once i had set up this i could add new characters to the website simply by updating the data file, whilst always making sure that the file validated to avoid bugs in the data.

The example that i include here is perfect for explaining and testing the simplest possible implementation of it with jQuery for live data retrieval into a simple HTML page, and it is a good place to start for those looking to develop their JSON skills.

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