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Javascript Frameworks

Javascript frameworks are what first introduced me to Javascript coding on a serious level and it was jQuery which i chose to use first of all.

The benefits of this were cross-browser compatibility as well as being able to achieve the same as with native Javascript, only with far less code. i have since moved into other frameworks but still prefer jQuery out of all of them, and that remains my first choice for any new projects.

jQuery has become the most commonly used of Javascript frameworks up to now and usage levels are always a crucial factor for me in deciding which way to go as that normally dictates support levels as well as available information online from other developers where and when issues inevitably crop up.

New Javascript Application Frameworks are continuing to extend the popularity of Javascript even further, offering fast ways to put together lightweight applications without having to write endless reams of Javascript code. The likes of Angular, Ember, Backbone and Knockout provide stable methods for testing and fit well into Agile methodologies.

There is also a growing use of mobile-specific Javascript front-end frameworks as well and i have used several for demonstration purposes in early-stages of various web projects to enable user testing. I eventually chose jQuery Mobile ahead of the likes of Sencha, M Project and jQTouch in order to complete development of the projects because of the greater support which surrounds this fast-developing option.

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