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Javascript Application Frameworks

More and more applications are now being run off one of a number of Javascript Application Frameworks.

Angular is currently my favourite choice for setting up applications quickly and providing more dynamic content with in standard HTML5 pages. Due to it’s support from Google, i am expecting this to be a significant framework in the future.

Backbone is another way of tying your data in a more structured way than simply using piles of jQuery selectors and that has several advantages such as more stable testing as the UI changes over time.

Ember uses templates to constantly update data on the fly right in the browser, similar to Backbone and Angular. Handlebars provides further options to the web developer seeking to create applications quickly and on set standards.

Knockout is an alternative to the above and comes entirely as free, open source. There are no dependencies needed here, withlst Backbone requires Underscore, for example. Knockout is also quite a lightweight option, which is another factor to consider when choosing between the different Javascript frameworks .

Those looking to find a fuller understanding of all the Javascript tools currently out there providing faster production of applications should also check out the likes of Require, Underscore, Cappuccino, Extract, Mustache, Handlebars, Node, Inject and ExtJS. Coffeescript is a related option which enables you to write shorter scripts and ensure easier maintenance of your Javascript code.

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