HTML5 Geolocation

HTML5 Geolocation

Geolocation is already used in thousands of HTML5 apps to locate a user.

You will already have used elements of Geolocation yourself, perhaps through Google Maps or a similar location-based app which aims to tailor content to your circumstances.

Below are some possible uses for Geolocation within your own website:

  • Track a jogger to calculate their distance completed
  • Offer a user a list of restaurants close to their location
  • Provide directions to a user from their current position to a selected place

There will be occasions when some elements of this feature are not supported by a specific browser or device, or even in some cases a user has chosen not to allow this functionality for perhaps privacy reasons. In these cases, a fallback will be needed and most would then switch to an IP based method which is less accurate, but accurate enough to warrant use as a backup.

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