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HTML5 Canvas

Canvas is one of the more interesting elements of the umbrella term that is, HTML5.

Canvas allows us to create images through HTML5, empowering people to produce applications and effects without the need for plugins, such as Flash or traditional Java applets.

In most cases, Javascript is used to maniulate the Canvas itself, to add graphics or animate what is there already. HTML5 has several built-in properties and methods for drawing paths, boxes, circles, text, rotations, gradient fills, alpha transparencies, pixel manipulations and images. Those looking to add user interactions plus events, objects and similar to their Canvas graphics will need to incorporate Javascript functionality to add an extra level of complexity.

Cross-Browser Support for HTML5 Canvas

Current browser support is for all modern browsers, with IE9 and IE10 handling Canvas just fine, but with alternatives required for IE8 and all which came before. A significant number of previous versions of Firefox, Chrome and Opera can also handle it, as well as Safari, Android and IOS Safari. You can find significant information on cross-browser and device support of HTML5 canvas in the further reading section at the bottom of the page.

It is advisable to use Modernizr with in your work in order to quickly track, and handle, those using legacy browsers.

                                function canvasSupport() {
                                    return Modernizr.canvas;

Further Reading on HTML5 Canvas

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