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HTML4 played an important role in the development of the web from the very early stages up until the arrival of XHTML and then HTML5.

HTML4.0 was the language of the web, in a way, for many years and it took a long time to be replaced by later scripting languages which themselves were in development for quite some time as W3C sought to bring in a more standardised way of producing and maintaining websites.

There came a point where html pages would be full of textual information, links to images, font size and colour settings and also some inline javascript code. This was decided to be confused and a new approach was needed to future-proof web content as best as possible.

As the web evolves the requirements of scripting languages will similarly change too. HTML4.0 simply became outdated and a new language was needed to take the web forwards, and that was XHTML, followed by HTML5.

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