CSS Front-End Developer, London


CSS has developed significantly since it’s early use in web many years ago, and now carries far more opportunities than before. CSS maintenance, organisation and structure has now become a significant topic, as shown with the emergence of CSS compilers such as LESS and SASS.

Improvements in browsers has also meant that most of CSS3 is usable, with graceful degradation the best way to cope with legacy browsers. You will find a list of CSS-related topics below with demos of work that i have completed as well as articles too.

The rise of mobile and tablet usage has also led to a greater importance in CSS to provide the user with a layout that best suits the dimensions of their device. Responsive Design is now a fundamental part of UI and UX consideration and CSS with media queries is a popular way to adapt a website to each of the many different device variations, such as desktop, iPad, iPhone, Android Mobile, Android Tablet, Mini-tablets and so on.

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