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Bootstrap is a customisable setup for fast web development.

Bootstrap offers a Front-End structure for web development which is immediatly responsive in major browsers and devices all the way down to Internet Explorer 7.

This library takes advantage of many new elements in Web Development, with LESS CSS providing structured CSS and also Node in the background offering a new method for development delivery.

Bootstrap is available on Twitter and Github, and perhaps this has helped it to gain exposure which has led to a high up take in Web development circles. Many of these users will expect that the library will continue to be maintained to match the new devices and browsers which will subsequently appear, and the resources available to this project suggest that to be the case.

If you want to use this responsive framework in your upcoming projects, please check out the resources below. There are a growing number of add-ons for your Bootstrap sites which can add further functionality with ease, such as UI Bootstrap and AngularStrap, with many more appearing frequently.

My implementation of Bootstrap at BMJ brought with it several challenges as a direct result of having to convert a legacy website which had older versions of jQuery as well as other out-of-date coding methods. There was also a need to support, to a reasonable level, older browsers too, and this is not something which now comes as standard with the latest Bootstrap builds. It proved necessary to evaluate all existing javascript and update as necessary to keep it in line with the new bootstrap set up and it’s use of jQuery.

During the BMJ project, Version 3 Release Candidate 1 was released and so was deemed it a good idea to upgrade from version 2 to this version and adjust the website accordingly so that the new code would be as forward compatible as possible.

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