Tom Gurney Developer Skills


My skills lie in Web Development and Design, with an ideal combination for producing designs with Adobe Photoshop before translating them into semantic HTML5 with responsive CSS design and final interactivity via jQuery or native Javascript.

It has always been my desire to be involved with as many stages of the design and development process as possible. The growing use of User Interaction Design (UI) and User Experience Design has also offered an opportunity to get involved with the stages before even design packages such as Photoshop or Illustrator come in to use. Software such as Axure can be used to give very early stage designs for testing, prior to adding more visual detail.

Web Development consistently moves forward in line with the changing technology surrounding the World Wide Web as well as the general desire by all those in the industry to consistently push things forwards and provide users with a better and better experience, potentially leading to greater revenue as a result.

Main Skills

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