Vietnam Oriental Restaurant, Greenwich, London

We’ve never actually eaten any Vietnamese food in this restaurant, in all the times we’ve visited. In fact, i’m not sure if i’ve even seen any such dishes on the menu – we go straight for the Chinese choices which dominate.

Vietnam Oriental Restaurant, Greenwich, London

This has become our favourite restaurant in Greenwich and is really the only Chinese restaurant in central Greenwich that we would consider going to. The others around here are generally aimed at students and offering large portions of budget food as a result.

A typical evening out for us in Greenwich would be a few pints in The Yacht before heading here if the finances are good enough at the time.

This restaurant is where we headed to celebrate initially putting down a mini-deposit on what was to later become our flat. It was about £250 and simply kept our names with the Housing Association as particularly interested in three separate flats in the same block. It allowed us to enter the process of getting a mortgage together, which we managed to complete a couple of months later.

We have also visited here to celebrate several other milestones, such as new contracts, birthdays and the like.

The food here has never disappointed, and we rarely now even bother going through the menu. We have our favourite dishes and tend to pick from those in our heads.

Favourite Chinese Dishes from this Restaurant

Ruby’s current favourite must be the spicy fish which comes served in a large pot full of chillies. I think it is a Szechuan recipe, but not absolutely sure. Personally, i tend to go for one of the delicious hotpots. The Eel one is best, but a little more expensive, whilst the seafood, beef and pork ones are also really tasty.

The fried rice here is great, never too greasy like many other places in the UK will serve. There is also an excellent array of Dim Sum, though we only tend to choose that when in for lunch.



For those looking for the standard UK Chinese food experience, but with a little more quality than your average takeaway, then there are also plenty of Cantonese options on the menu too. Sweet ‘n’ Sour Pork, Aromatic Crispy Duck and all the other usual suspects are all there to keep you feeling comfortable when entering for the first time.

Alternative dishes for those looking for something different include the fried intestine and also Xinjang-style Lamb kebabs. Ruby loves this place because of the amount of mainland-Chinese dishes that are offered here, but there is something for everyone.

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