Update for July 2015

It has been a hard-working few weeks since my last post. I have recently received an extension in my current contract role at Game Account Network, which keeps me occupied until November. A few things have happened recently, so this is more of a general update than anything specific.

20:20 at The Oval

Yesterday i took Ruby to her very first cricket match, in a 20-20 game between Surrey and Gloucestershire at the Oval. She enjoyed the evening, but is still completely lost when it comes to cricket. Tickets were £40 a go, but it was a one-off so probably worth it. We also had an excellent view from the Oval’s newest stand and were just behind the bowler’s arm.

Azhar Mahmood smashed a six off the last ball to win the game for Surrey, so it was a fairly good match to have picked. The best players on show would have to have been Jason Roy and Kumar Sangakkara.

20:20 Oval, Surrey V Gloucestershire

Ruby at the Oval

England V New Zealand at Lords

My friend from University, Mathew Butcher, was popping down at short notice as his team had got to Wembley. As such, we quickly made a good bank holiday weekend of it. I got a ticket for Lords for the Saturday and enjoyed seeing some of our new test players for the first time, such as Wood from Durham.

Mathew then arrived on the Sunday and we went off to see Macca at the O2, who is one of his favourite artists.




Paul McCartney at the O2

Macca did a terrific set comprising of Beatles classics, Wings hits plus some of his own solo stuff going back several decades. I already new his latest album well, and of course all the Beatles stuff, though Matt was able to make sense of the remainders. The set was around 3 hours in total and worth every penny.

Macca on stage

Paul McCartney O2

Middlesbrough V Norwich Play-Off Final at Wembley Stadium

The finale to the weekend was the trip to Wembley, where i was sat amongst the Middlesbrough fans. Sadly for Matt, his team lost and they will remain in the Championship for at least another year.

Norwich played well on the day, and never really looked like losing. Their new manager seems to have worked some magic on the team, but they’ll still struggle in the Premiership next year without some serious investment.

Wembley looking glorious

Matt Butcher, nervous before kick-off

Dreaming of Redcar

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