UK General Election 2015 Reflection

Friday lunchtime, post-election, and the results are pretty much all in. 3 leaders have gone already – Clegg, Miliband and Farage. Can’t say i was delighted with the result, was hoping to see Labour fare a little better. However, there were at least some positives.

To see Farage lose out, and for UKIP to get just one seat was a relief, my biggest fear was always a Tory-UKIP coalition which would have been seriously bad! It is unfortunate that the Conservatives earned a majority as there will be no-one to keep a check on them. I felt the Lib Dems did quite well in the last coalition to at least get some more liberal policies implemented.

The Liberal Democrats have been sinking without trace for a while, but i respect them for bringing in higher thresholds of income tax to help those on low wages. The Tories have now taken the policy for themselves and will continue to expand on it within this next parliament.

Clegg has pretty much been screwed ever since he upset every student in the country for not doing enough to prevent changes in tuition fees. The Liberal Democrats will take quite a lot of time to get over their recent problems, but a new leader would be a good starting point.

I understand the movement to the Tories for many floating voters to be for two reasons, firstly their promise of an EU Referendum, and secondly of their delivery over the economy of the last five years. Both are key issues to a lot of people, and are perhaps how the Conservative Party drew in votes from UKIP and the Labour Party.

The future for all parties opposing the Conservatives seems bleak, at least in the short term. Leaderless and down on public support, UKIP will struggle without Farage and Labour will take time to restore it’s status as a party that people can show faith in. Their next choice of leader is crucial to that although the direction of the economy under the new government will do most in influencing voter’s opinions of Labour against the Conservatives.

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