Trip to Moller Villa, Exhibition Centre in Shanghai

This weekend was rather good after getting up early both Saturday and Sunday in order to make the most of not being at work. We watched the closing parts of the Olympics, including the UK 8 minute interlude for the handover to London. Very funny, with umbrellas too, great! I think we should just stick Becks out there and let him do the rest for the real thing in 2012.

Aside from that i have been to the Exhibition Centre and Moller Villa which are VERY central Shanghai, just off Nanjing Lu. Unfortuantely the Villa was being renovated and the weather was fairly drab, so the photos off of my phone are not so bright. Saturday night we tried a lesser-known curry house which turned out to be pretty tasty, and i expect we’ll visit again soon. Ruby is now officially sold on Indian food which i am pleased about too. I was planning on visiting the English pub around the corner after this to watch some Live Premiership football, but unfortunately she was too drunk too continue, so i had to escort her home. It was quite funny really, as she had only drunk half of one bottle of lager, crazy lightweight!! Funny.

Today we set up her dancing mat on the Wii but i was exhausted when i had a go. It is clearly designed for seven year olds and the like, not aging drunks like me :-P I also bought a cheap Gamecube controller which means i can play 2,500 old Megadrive, SES & NES games from way back when. Can anyone that had a Megadrive, SNES or NES in the 90s please tell me which games are good? There are too many to try them all, and i have no idea where to start as all us Cambridge lads where brought up on the wonderful Amiga.

After a good tidy up i have continued on my shop which will be at when finished. Still much to do on it, but the design is at least starting to take shape. If i can sell a few paintings around xmas time then this will give us some extra cash for our holiday next year.

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