Trip to Madchester

Hi again. Well, after a pretty boozy trip back to Manc for the first time in a while i thought i’d better stick some pics on here of that. It has taken me until now to fully recover what with approaching 30 this summer and all that. Once ive worked out how, there will be some videos of Butcher dancing in Aj’s Nightclub, Chorley. Classy stuff im sure you’ll all agree! As for important news, well, im still sat at home waiting for my Visa and starting to get a little worried as the flat is up on the 31st of June, so it’d better turn up soon or i’ll be camping in the front garden, chasing the postman every morning. There is talk of Noeline & Butcher visiting the mighty Shanghai at the end of the year. Quite what the locals would make of their Northern accents remains to be seen but im sure there will be fun to be had somewhere in that city…

Mmm… With a bit of luck they’ll be better news next week but i’ll have to wait and see.

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