This weekend’s plans – much needed exercise

After receiving the results of my Visa medical it is indeed time to get back to some kind of healthy regime. After leaving Bupa about 3 months ago i basically have done nothing except a bit of Wii.

I may have passed my checkup, but it was hardly with flying colours, and considering the fact that i feel permanently tired here in Shanghai, it is best to get back to how i was before. I am popping down to the decent hotel’s pool tomorrow morning to begin this. I may have to cut down on the amount of Jiaozi (delicious chinese dumplings) that i am throwing down my gob, but that is a last resort. Gyms here seem relatively expensive but i’ll join one soon if i think i’ll actually go.

I’m not too concerned by the thought of trying to shed some pounds as generally it is so humid i only have to turn off the air-con for five minutes to get a sweat on, yuck!

The hotel Mariott pool looks pretty tasty (see photo) but that may be a tad pricey, i’ll get Ruby to find out for me. Its in a great location, 399 Nanjing West Road at Tomorrow Square, so if we do go, there should be plenty to do around there afterwards.

I researched local pools around Shanghai, but was put off for several reasons:

  • Too many people
  • Maybe not exactly clean
  • No-one swims in the way they’re supposed to, so you can’t do laps easily
  • I might have to wear a swimming cap (hello?!!)

Also, with the weather as it is at the moment i really have a strong urge for an outdoor pool if possible, preferably with a fanxy cocktail bar. Nice! The old t’internet is proving very useful for my daily problems as there are plenty of forum threads with similar problems posted, generally with solutions. :-)

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