This week i will mostly be…

Watching Premiership Football, great!!! I have worked out how to get Match of The Day onto my Laptop and so can catch on up on all the footie action tonight.


Of course, as a Liverpool fan, seasons generally start with high expectations and end in tears but “maybe this season might be different”, hahaha. (Ditto for England too!)

I have now started watching a little more of the Olympics too as Team GB is really doing well and i am proud of that. Cycling seems to be our forte. People are banging on about this Phelps lad, but 8 medals in one Olympics? Seems a bit silly to me! Maybe there should be less Swimming events???!

Things are going well at work now and i am finally used to having a permanent job again. I plan to visit more places outside of Shanghai again in the coming weeks, but perhaps will opt for locations that are a little nearer next time. The thought of another six-hour coach trip in the blazing heat really turns my stomach! The cities of Suzhou and Nanjing apparently have much to offer, so i can check these out more easily. They are just an hour or two or the train i think. I know i will not be in Shanghai forever, so must take advantage of this opportunity to see other parts of China while i can. Of course Beijing will be done at some point too. I have found some decent tours that are available for that. Depending on available holiday time, i may do a long weekend or a full week.

Ruby’s birthday next month also needs some planning but she doesn’t have many ideas as yet. Ski-ing and a trip to the zoo are our best ones so far :-)

My trip to Morocco for my sister’s first wedding has now fallen through due to lack of funds, which is a bit sad. To get to Agadir i would’ve had to go via Gatwick. But i can still visit UK for the second one next spring which will be in Norfolk. In the meantime i will try to save for that plus our Thailand hol, which i am starting to gather ideas for.

So, all in all, things are going well at the moment, touch wood, i don’t have too much to grumble about. (Apart from my peeling face and shoulders :-P I explained to others in the office that is part of my UK culture to get burnt!)

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