Things to do in Athens, Greece

After several months of work in my latest contract at GAN, it is now time for my next trip to the sun. Athens is the choice this time round, after covering each and every main island in the Canaries over recent years.

Athens appealed to me for the combination of sunshine, good food but also plenty of culture which can sometimes be lacking in purely tourist destinations. Holiday resorts tend to be fairly similar and can become a little boring once you have seen a few of them.

This city, however, has as much historical culture as pretty much anywhere in the world and should keep us busy enough for the week-long vacation.

I have only previously had one Greek holiday, to the island of Kavos for a fortnight which was perhaps the best but most grueling trip in my life. And certainly not to be repeated! Athens will be a long way away from that “Brits abroad” type vacation, with an art gallery or two, architecture, healthy local cuisine and maybe even some fishing on the agenda this time round.

Top 10 Things To Do in and Around Athens

  1. Acropolis & Acropolis Museum

  2. Constitution Square

  3. National Gardens

  4. Parthenon

  5. Temple of Hephaestus

  6. Flisvos Marina

  7. Lake Vouliagmeni

  8. Byzantine Museum

  9. Mount Lycabettus

  10. Panathenaic Stadium

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