Thailand trip coming to a close :-(

We’ll soon by going our separate ways as the trip draws to a close. It has been really great, and the past few days we have been in South Thailand relaxing and just enjoying the seaside and local food. This was what i had planned many months ago, and for me is the type of Thailand that i like most. We have been staying in Ao Nang Beach in Krabi Province in the south of the country, and it has served as a great base from which to island hop around the many beautiful surrounding areas on offer. Having dragged our heavy luggage around Bangkok we decided to find a good hotel and stay there for the duration of the trip. The one we found on is about £10 per night and more than adequate for our needs. It is clean, stylish, spacious and with Wifi in the rooms.

Ruby has already mentioned that she wants to return to Thailand at some point and see some of the remaining islands. It has been an exciting time for her to leave China for the first time and get to know a different asian culture at close quarters. Her main observation is the relative politeness of the Thai people, and the cleaner countryside on offer here. There were many Chinese influences in Bangkok for her, but the areas of South Thailand that we have seen so far have been more like Spanish island resorts with small seaside shops and fresh seafood the main attractions. There are also predominantly westerners here, with Thai workers, and most appear to be Germans, Russians and the like.

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