Thailand… at last!!

Finally, after a lot of faffing about and organising we have arrived in Bangkok and have two weeks to spend in Thailand. We haven’t planned to much for the trip itself, but instead were busy getting Ruby’s flat in Ningbo up and running and adding a visa to her brand new passport. The Chinese holidays also delayed us as many things were shut down at the start of this month. After spending a week in her flat we managed to fly out via Guangzhou and Ruby is an excited traveller who has left China for the first time. Having targeted Thailand for a good holiday when i first came to Asia, i am pleased to finally have made it here and all i meant to do has now been done.

Main experiences so far after a few days here have been avoiding all the scams that go on and generally enjoying meeting the lovely Thai people. We’re looking forward to getting out to the calmer, cleaner Thai countryside in a few days and i will also be flying back from Malaysia so can enjoy one or two nights in Kuala Lumpur.

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