Teida Mountain, National Park & Masca Tenerife Day Trip


This day trip from Sandos San Blas was a tiring journey through winding roads, with Ruby asleep for much of her time on the stuffy coach.

Teida mountain was the highlight of the day and produced breathtaking views, as expected. The environment in this area resembled something like Mars, or perhaps a North American national park with rock formations caused by previous volcanic explosions.

Rock formations in Tenerife

The other mountainous areas on this trip were in the north of Tenerife, where the weather is more changeable and rain brings greener vegetation. The guide compared the region to Machu Picchu, though I haven’t been there yet so can’t compare the two.

Mountains around Tenerife

It was great to finally get up close to the mountain having seen it from various angles during the holiday. From La Gomera it was most beautiful and we also had a great view of it from our hotel. It’s size ensures that it can be seen from almost any part of the island.

Masca was a small village in the depths of mountainous Tenerife and an incredible location, with exotic vegetation, much wildlife and winding roads making this a key destination in the trip. It is only recently that this place could be visited by anything else other than Donkey.

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