Start of the Olympics Fun

Everyone is obviously Olympics crazy here today as the Opening Ceremony kicked things off. Many events had actually already started last week, but for most people it is only now that things have properly begun.

Ruby and I watched on TV in a local restaurant and i found it interesting looking at their quizzical faces when some of the more obscure competing nations were unveiled. Many of the African nations seemed a mystery to them, but i think they got atleast an idea of where they were from by the loud shirts. I didn’t recognise anyone from the UK group but was just pleased we didn’t get booed. Most will be home in a couple of days i expect :-P

I expect to be in London for the next Olympics and will definitely get involved and see some of the events. I do doubt that the UK will manage to match the enthusiasm that the Chinese have shown in recent weeks, but i do believe we will put on a great event aswell. Euro 96 and the Commonwealth Games in Manchester were both great successes, and this should be too. I am hoping the extra flats made available by the regeneration will help me to find a home on my return :-)

This weekend we will also be working on our online painting shop which will be ready by the end of he month hopefully. We’re trying to bring in some extra cash to save for travelling and others fun things. She works in import/export, so can bring good expertise to out venture, while i can handle everything online. I bought the domain name which should bring in people through search engines. We shall visit Ningbo at the end of the month and try to buy a little stock to put on the website.

Next week we’re off to the island of Putuoshan for my birthday. This should be very relaxing and just what i need. It has seemed hard to relax anywhere in this busy country, but an island classed as a national park, and home to many budhists must be my best hope around Shanghai! It is only around 4 hours away by coach, which is relatively local. I am still also working out if i can manage trips to Morocco, Vietnam & UK in October, December & June respectively. Its difficult to plan too much as i have no idea how long i shall be in China for.

Last wednesday i went out with the landlord to improve our Chinese/ English skills. This was alot more fun than sitting in a boring classroom and we plan to make this a regular fixture every wednesday from now on. He prefers my accent to those of Americans, and rightly so! Last week we went to the location of the first meeting of the Communist Party which was great. I found it ironic that the whole area is filled with foreigners and foreign bars nowadays. But that sums up modern China, where Communism is not very apparant in everyday life.

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