Ruby off to Gothenburg

Ruby has been keen for another break recently but i am unable to go with her, as it is time to line up another contract asap. Ruby feels most comfortable in Northern European countries when travelling by herself. As such, Gothenburg is her destination for next week.

I’ll be honest, as much as i truly love Scandanavia, as shown in our trip to Norway, i know very little about Gothenburg. The city has appeared in some of my Nordic Noir, and i gathered from that is that it’s a major port city.

Ruby finds Sweden, Denmark and Norway as places that she can confidently visit by herself, knowing that the locals speak English better than some parts of London, and also have a society wih low crime and strong education. I adore the model of the Scandinavian countries too, but tend to prefer to spend my time off in hot locations that differentiate themselves from the UK. With more time, i would love to travel by train around Denmark and Sweden, and hope to do that at some point.

Ruby has no experience of Italy up to now, and has heard bad stories from fellow Chinese on her national social media feeds. Her impressions up to now seem to divide the north and south of Europe but i am hoping to open her mind to Italy in coming years, as it has always been my favourite European country.

Having said that, it is always going to be easier for someone used to British life to visit North European countries as there is a real similarity in culture, history and general day-to-day life.

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