Packing Going Well, Out By Sunday

Damn packing is boring! My stuff will soon be on the way home in two large boxes. The rest i shall cart around Thailand for a few weeks. Ruby had a whopping 80KG for me to drag around Shanghai this morning. Certainly, i will be pleased to have all this done by the end of the week.

They say that job hunting and moving house are some of the more stressful things you can do. Well, to do both at the same time isn’t ideal, but i wouldn’t say we’re too stressed out yet, just a bit bored of moving all the time. I will be pleased to finally settle down into a flat of my own soon, hopefully early next year, as renting isn’t exactly a great investment and im certainly happy to stay in London for a few years if all goes well.

It’s quite funny to be back on Facebook. I might not like the thing, but it is quite an important way to keep up on things these days, particularly if you have friends in different places, which i do after living in a few different cities. Having said that, most people are just like “Oh, you know, same old same old”. But i’m the age where the odd person will have just got married, child or whatever. And by the time i get to 40 i guess they’ll be some divorces too :-P (Though hope not!) I am quite glad to see my parents haven’t, and never will be, joining the thing though. To have your parents as friends on Facebook is like having a party as a teenager and giving them free reign – it just ain’t a good idea!!

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