One Week Left In Shanghai

It will be a BUSY week with plenty of packing and organising to get through. We are trying to send all our things by courier early this week so that tidying up the flat will be easier. I haven’t got too much to send back and can keep most in my suitcase. It isn’t ideal to carry too much around Thailand, though, so my Wii & Ipod Speaker system will get home a month early! I’m hoping to stick all my valuable bits into one box and send via EMS. It shouldn’t cost much more than a few hundred Yuan to get that back to my parents’ house in the UK. A number of colleagues have sent boxes home to Europe without any problems so it should be fairly straight forward.

We now plan to move Ruby’s things to Lanzhou where she can stay with her family until her visa comes through, hopefully later this year. We shall have a short tour around China to complete some tasks before we end up in Thailand. We shall visit Ningbo, Xian, Lanzhou and maybe also Qingdao before heading south to the golden sand beaches & blue clear waters :-) With everything done at that point, the holiday should be a great, relaxing break. Our funds look ok too for a good month or so there.

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