New Flat – Move in at the Start of December!

Success! After being told to move out of our flat before xmas by my landlord, i have quickly organised a new flat, in Bow, East London. Why East London? No idea, really. It was something that i could fix up quickly and also is a cheaper area so we do get a nice brand new flat which we’d never be able to afford to rent in the Clapham area.

I am also excited that we can try out a new part of London having only ever lived in Clapham whilst here in London town.

We’re slap on the Devons Road DLR and close to Mile End Tube so getting to work should be fairly easy.

After flat sharing for a year it is great to finally to have a place of our own right in time for xmas, which will be a great relief. There is enough storage space to finally tidy away everything as our current room is messy and it will be more comfortable when we’ve moved.

Here we go for some lovely Chinese food….

Just needs a big TV on the wall…

Tidy bedroom

Scary stranger in the bathroom

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