Myfootballclub – I have become a Football Shareholder!!

Myfootballclub is an interesting scheme that i am going to sign up with today.

Basically, for those who don’t know about it, people from around the world have got together to buy and run a football club, with all important decisions made in a purely democratic fashion between the thousands of shareholders, through online votes.

The system seems to have worked surprisingly efficiently and decisions have already been made on things like the kit sponsor, team transfers, wage caps and TV coverage. It feels much like a real world Championship Manager, and so i am keen to be involved, for atleast one year. It is an interesting venture which i would like to follow closely, particularly when contrasting so much to the rich Premiership where things don’t really seem real, and fans now have very little input.

Others seem to feel the same, too, with membership reaching 33,000 or so from over a hundred countries across the world.

For my 35 pounds, it is worth a go, and perhaps, if successful, this myfootballclub project could trigger a new style of club management, but we’ll have to wait and see.

This weekend, apart from signing up for myfootballclub i shall continue to work on my painting shop and also go through a batch of DVDs that we purchased earlier. The paintball was unfortuantely cancelled due to lack of numbers. The weather is sunny today and although still cold, it is a little more positive around the city, with people skating and playing frisbee in the neaby park. We joined in with some Badminton, until Ruby lost the shuttlecock in a tree!

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