Mum likes my Kebabs

It’s been a strange few weeks since i got back. I’ve spent each week housed at either my parents’ or my sister’s homes, and this has been challenging at times.

Until i organise my flat in London and have somewhere to call my own, i won’t really feel settled. It looks likely that i will move into my new place, in Clapham South, on Tuesday early next week. That will be a great relief.

It has certainly been nice to spend some time with my family after my extended period abroad, and we have done some fun things too, but i really need to feel like i am getting on with organising things for the future, and i can’t do that until i have a base.

In my time at my parents’ cottage at Norfolk we have had little trips out to Cromer (which brought back some fun memories from childhood) and other feature spots along the Norfolk coast. I also have seen lots of my Dad’s latest paintings, and tried to learn how to play Mah Jongg (they have had a set for years, and never got round to playing it). We also fitted some swimming in too. In return i have done a little cooking for my parents, including today’s Kofta Kebabs whilst my dad recovers from man flu. They went down a storm! I truly cannot wait to have my own flat with fancy kitchen and hope to rekindle my love for cooking which i had before i went over to China and became super lazy.

Anyway, the wait should still be over and i shold be settled into my new flat next week, hopefully. Then i can get on with everything else…

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