More Olympics, I might have to start supporting China!

There has been seldom little coverage of British athletes on Chinese state TV so far. I told Ruby that this was unfair, but to be honest it is probably because we haven’t looked like getting any medals. We lost to the damn French in the shooting for a bronze, and most other sports that have been shown on TV aren’t even things we play – Synchronised Diving? Rubbish! The only decent sports like Football, Ruby, Cricket, etc… either don’t have British teams, or don’t exist at the Olympics at all.

I say for London 2012 in order to get more medals we should bring in the following:

Rugby Sevens
Pie eating
Binge Drinking
Synchronised Morris Dancing

There must be some better ideas out there to, perhaps comment on them here and we can start a thread in time for the London Games…

I was hoping this weekend to maybe go somewhere interesting but i have instead mainly been in watching the sport on CCTV. China has taken quite a few golds, so Ruby is very happy but i am already starting to lose my interest. I popped to the electronics shop around the corner to buy a replacement power unit for my Wii which blew up yesterday and also get some music DVDs for about £1 each. I got some ideas for things to download as well such as House Season 1 High Definition (is it any good?) plus Glastonbury 2008 and Francesco’s Italy. If anyone has any recommendations for new UK programmes worth watching then let me know.

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