La Gomera Day-Trip from Tenerife

We took a 50 minute ferry from Tenerife to La Gomera for our second excursion and I was a little apprehensive having been sick two days earlier when on our search for dolphins and whales. The ferry was much larger and therefore i was not hanging over the side this time! A comfortable trip indeed, also very popular with long queues and also passport checks, which surprised me.


We were first pickup for this trip, so it was an early start at 7.35 going through to 7 at night when we arrived back at the hotel. There were not so many on our own tour because this excursion is available around 5 days a week, whereas some of the sold out ones occurred just once or twice a week.

La Gomera was much less developed than the likes of Lanzarote and Tenerife with few hotels and attractions, sticking to more traditional industries such as agriculture. This was part of the island’s charm.

The strangest aspect of the island had to be the old language which is still being taught in schools right across the island. Whistles form the words of a sentence and it is the sort of thing i might expect to find in the amazon rainforest rather than a European island.

Talking of rainforests, the island of La Gomera has a slightly different climate to nearby Tenerife and as such there are some African plants growing here that you will not find on any of the other islands.






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