King Kebab, Shanghai – Straight to my door!!

I am slowly but surely bringing back everything i do in the UK into my daily life here. Yesterday Soaps made a reappearance, and as of tonight my weekly Kebab dosage can begin again. I was delighted to find somewhere which not only does good quality kebabs, but also delivers them for a small fee. They’ll be about 4 pounds a pop, but i can’t put a price on a good kebab! King Kebab, i salute you! I will let you know my experiences later. Sadly, no Naan or Chips are on offer, but its a start atleast.

Other than that, not too much to report really. I shall spend my birthday evening playing computer games at work with free Pizza and stuff, which should be ok. On Friday i am out in Ningbo with Ruby and her girly friends in some western bars, playing Foosball and such like. This should be lots of fun, and i can try out my plethora of quality Chinese phrases. Then on saturday morning we will travel onto the island nearby and explore there. I don’t really have too much planned for the rest of August and am trying to save a little towards a travelling budget to use at the end of my time in Shanghai. With each day i am here, the more i feel that i should stay for a little longer than planned.

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