Hostas Resurrected in Balcony Garden

April has become a key time for my balcony, with plants coming back to life and sunshine starting to hit my garden directly for the first time of the year. My north-facing balcony struggles to encourage healthy growth and many of my plants must stay indoors until the weather looks promising enough to pop them outside.

The best surprise so far has been several hostas which have sprung into life, having appeared lost to the world ever since last summer. After a long holiday where they went un-watered, these limp beauties seemed done-in. I pulled away the dead leaves and kept watering the tiny roots over the winter, and suddenly we have some stunning hostas on the way again!

I am really pleased as i bought several different varieties last year and believed they would be ideally suited to my shady, north-facing spot. After this experience, i will do the same with some small ferns which are also struggling and see if they can return to life later in the year.


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