Got my soaps, does that make me sad?!

I have been enjoying some proper UK indulgence tonight with last weeks espisodes of EastEnders and Corrie that i downloaded off BitTorrent. When i watched these in the UK, that was pretty embarrasing, but to go out of my way to watch them in China – that is probably even worse.

It is good to see that things haven’t changed much. EastEnders is clearly still as depressing as a kick in the knackers, but Mr Beale always cracks me up. I’d actually kicked my Soaps addiction in the UK but with living over it here, it is kind of comforting. Most things are available here if you look hard enough, that’s the beauty of the internet (and its disregard for copyright, Lol!!)

I was hoping to go out tonight but after a proper soaking on the way home from work i had to stay in and work on my upcoming art website. I swear i have never seen thunder and lightning like this, i was scared to even walk outside. As bad as it was, i prefer hot sun with occasional floods to the miserable clouds of home that seem to hang in the sky whilst you’re sat at work moaning like there’s no tomorrow!

It’s another 4 day week this week, which in any continent is a great thing! I shall be at work on my birthday so can distract myself from the big 30, and then am off to Putuoshan for a couple of days. I am very excited by this. It should be a chance to see somewhere fun. On returning to Shanghai i really need to finish off the Art shop and hopefully put it live by the end of the month.

Oh, and finally, i am really hoping to go to Thailand next March-ish. Everyone seems to have gone there already, so please pop advice down here if you have any. I am just looking for a relaxing time, good value and that sort of thing. Islands, hotels, etc that people like, pop them down here. Thanks!

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