Get Well Soon to the Butcher…

It is time for a shout to a certain Butcher who is recuperating at the moment. I hope he will be on the mend soon. Ruby and I fancy popping up to the land of industry and the Reddick and Caveman are welcome to join us too. I am up for some crab catching by the sea, but would it be safe to eat them??! :-) Oh and Strachan is out finally, so you can enjoy that too.

On another note, i hope Reddick is recovering after some exhuberant celebrations with his FC United and their famous victory last weekend (at Rochdale?). Reminds me a bit of Cambridge in the 1990s when we used to win lots of Cup matches.

I am pleased to announce i have two 3-week holidays coming up soon so will be really enjoying the xmas period this year. I’ve two weeks to use up before the end of the year which roll onto xmas week. After that we’ve a trip to China for 3 weeks in Jan/Feb to see Ruby’s family and enjoy Chinese Spring Festival. For the first time since arriving in May, Ruby is starting to miss China a little bit so i am hoping that this long holiday will make her happier. After paying for the two flight tickets i am going to keep it cheap for the rest of the month, spending time on my affiliate sites to make a little extra cash, and also hopefully brewing some decent cider at home with my fancy new kit. The cider should be ready in a fortnight…

Recently we popped out to Battersea fireworks plus some mushroom picking in Essex a few weeks back, but not much else apart from that.

Am excitedly waiting for the Ashes to start at the end of the month and can’t wait for some time off at last!!!

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