Funds running low

We have had a lot of problems in recent days with our cashflow. Having been away from the UK for over a year, my debit and credit cards have helpfully been cancelled by HSBC, for reasons they have creatively come up with in order to try to paper over the cracks of the recession, which the banks collectively caused themselves.
My bank used to be pretty good for service, and helpful where possible. But since i left the UK the ‘world bank’ as they call themselves have just given me responses like “sorry sir, can’t help you” or “oh, we can’t do that” or similar. Anyway, having saved up £1,500 before this trip i thought my problems would be at an end. We now have had issues moving cash to the right cards that work in the right country. This has proved harder than expected and our main concerns are just getting home safely and making our flights. We should be fine, and one of the many avenues of cash we’ve tried to set up should come available soon, and help us get home. We’ve still had a GREAT time, but next time i hope we can go without any worries in the back of our minds and just concentrate on organising things to do.

I fly out from Malaysia on Friday and have found a decent looking hostel at £3 a night, which looks like just what the doctor ordered! A few nights there and some local street food in Kuala Lumpur should see me home, whilst Ruby only needs a coach-ride back to Bangkok where she can journey back to Guangzhou and then onto her flat in Ningbo.

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