England lose again, this time at cricket

Not happy with my beloved cricket today, we managed to lose even after picking an Aussie. But atleast Freddie Flintoff is back. And Broady continues to impress too. I think i shall stick to Beach Cricket on the Wii for now, i am unbeatable. (Admittedly no-one here knows the rules).

Does anyone know when the footie is back on? I miss saturdays in the Alex, Clapham watchin Sky with a few bets on. Won’t be quite the same without that. Perhaps i need to open an online betting account again as there are no bookies around here. To be fair, betting is actually illegal in China! For this reason most people invest in the stock exchange to get their ‘fix’.

It seems the poorer people are, the more they like to gamble. I saw this too in West Indies with the horses. It seems strange to ban it as it doesn’t really do much harm generally, but that’s the way it is. Mind you, having said that, most things are banned here and people still do it. International Cable TV, for example (not me mind!). Its ok having laws, but when there are over 1 billion people in your country, its maybe not so easy to implement them. Also, there are many things that are less controlled here, which i appreciate with my “Power to the People” type philosophy. These include Health & Safety which in the UK does my head in, general traffic behaviour and copyright infringement. I also don’t have to put with the usual UK Right-wing newspaper nonsense which just recycle whinges stories about immigration and such like.

I am stepping up my mandarin learning by writing flash cards. I aim to do 5 words a day, which in theory is 1500 words a year! Lets see if i keep it going… I am atleast a little more motivated as im living in the country of whom’s language i am learning, this is where i struggled with Italian. I want to be able to be comfortable by christmas in most everyday situations. I dont care if i make grammatical mistakes, as long as i am understood reasonably easily. Hopefully if i end up staying in Shanghai quite a while then my language skills will be good by the time i go back to UK.

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