Dracaena Draco Plant

Dracaena Draco – Dragon’s blood tree – is the latest addition to my ever-expanding plant collection. It is a plant that i have loved ever since we started visiting the Canary Islands. The photo below is a giant one found in Tenerife.

Dracaena Draco in Tenrife

The trees are very slow growing and also not entirely suited to the UK climate, so it took quite some time to get hold of one online. It is a good size, nearly a metre in total height, and i am hoping that in can cope with indoor conditions for 3/4’s of the year.

Since buying the plant, it has not looked too healthy. All low branches have browned before falling off. However, with the weather now reasonably warm i have been able to drop it outside and it’s looking much better. It seems to take a decent amount of water without too many problems and is providing cover for some of my other plants, with space on the balcony now being at a premium!

When indoors i was not able to really give it much water at all, because there was no tray to protect my carpet. That may in fact be the real reason as to why the plant is enjoying life a little more, as on the balcony the water can just drain away or be soaked up by surrounding plants.

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