Cultured afternoon of Art, Moganshan Road, North Shanghai

After skimming through my Shanghai Guidebooks i noticed that there was an area of small artist shops & exhibitions just around the corner from my flat in Moganshan Lu. The guide went on about 2 specific exhibitions, but we ignored that and just went around and met different artists. There was quite alot of political art which surprised me, plus also contemporary oil paintings and other handcrafts, photography and sculpture. It was a good way to spend the afternoon and we stayed for several hours in the end. Please see the photos below. After wandering around for so long i had a sleep before going out for Sushi in the evening.

Although i liked a lot of the stuff here it was a little overpriced as compared other art in other parts of the city and particularly other cities. I saw a fantastic painting that Ruby and i both wanted, but at 6,000 pounds i don’t think it will be sold anytime soon!

It was good to see that there is a sprawling contemporary arts seen within Shanghai from just around the corner and that freedom of expression does exist to a certain degree here despite what some might think. I can see myself coming back every few months to see what new artists and styles appear in the future.

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