Cromer, Norfolk Day Trip – Rolling Back The Years

It is a good 20 years since i last went here, and it was great to go back to the seaside resort of Cromer where i had caught smal crabs many years ago as a youngster. It is one of my few memories of childhood and so wanted to spend a few hours pottering around this quiet town to see if it had changed, and try to see if i could recall any of it again.

Though cold, the weather was good with clear sunshine helping me to take some decent photos, see below. We also had customary Fish ‘n’ Chips, with additional Baked Beans for me! The place really reminded me of Old England, a far cry from the hectic, multi-cultural life in London that i had been involved in myself. I’ll be honest, i certainly prefer the latter, which offers up more choice and variety to our otherwise mundane lives, but to see Cromer for the day was interesting and relaxing.

Something i would say for Norfolk from the few days that i have been here is the incredible friendliness that people seem to offer freely around which i have not experienced in China or indeed in London. It is refreshing and takes a while to get used to.

It suits my parents to be here in Norfolk, as my father happily talks to anything and anyone. Later in life, such places would be ideal, but for now the money and culture is in London, so that is where i will head on Friday…








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