Crabs in Shanghai :-P

I am absolutely crackered today after traipsing around the Bund all yesterday afternoon with Ruby and her friend, who was visiting for the day. How stupid was i for believing that they would just be going for a “quick walk and a little shopping”! I guess it was mainly the humidity and number of tourists that made the walk so tiring. But they did enjoy themselves which is the main thing, and i now just have to keep my eyes open at work today before crawling back home for a good kip.

As a special dinner for her visiting friend, Ruby cooked some nice crab dishes this weekend. See the video below to get an idea of quite what was going on. At one point i had live crabs pushing the microwave door open with their claws to try to prevent their imminent death. I made sure i was a safe distance away and so found it all quite funny. One crab seemed to possess special powers and continued to struggle about even after a good roasting in the microwave. As with almost all chinese food, it seems, they were served up with a little garlic, ginger and vinegar and the end result was rather tasty.

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