High Street Kensington Pubs, Bars & Restaurants, London

Whilst completing my contract at Game Account Network, i spent an extended period working in the High Street Kensington area of London.

One of my favourite benefits of working as a contractor is the opportunity to put lunch and breakfast costs on expenses. As such, it is then possible to try out lots of local pubs, bars and restaurants without fear of digging too far into your wages.

When GAN moved their offices from Bond Street to High Street Kensington, it was an opportunity to learn more about an area of London that i am not overly familiar with. My expectations were of grand buildings with expensive food and drink for the very posh, with little available for the office works, but fortunately i was quite wrong.

The majority of spots to eat and drink around the high street are good quality, but also relatively affordable. The locals seem to drink in standard pubs, though there is a fine selection in this area.

The pubs that we have tried here tend to offer excellent food as well as craft beers and the like, but aside from that are pretty much what you would expect from all but the poorest parts of the city.

None of the locations felt snobby, in fact there does seem a real community feel in this part of London, particularly when you visit spots off of the main high street.

This post links out to all of the places that i have visited during my time here with GAN. We tried to cover as many as possible, concentrating on our favourite gastro pubs, querky locations and also casual restaurants.

Our lunchtime trips would always be on a budget of a maximum of £25 per person, including drinks. This was also more than enough with most mains in High Street Kensington costing £8 – £15 and a drink pushing it to around £20.

High Street Kensington Pubs

Elephant & Castle
Prince of Wales
The Goat
Churchill Arms

High Street Kensington Restaurants

Sticky Fingers
Whole Foods

The Yacht Pub, Greenwich

The Yacht has been my Greenwich local for a good while now. The staff are the best bit, whilst it has great views of the Thames as well as Sky Sports and BT Sport on tv.

Greenwich is undeniably brilliant when it comes to pubs, with my other favourites including The Union, The Trafalgar Inn and also The Cutty Sark. The Union stocks plenty of beers from the local brewery (Greenwich Meantime Brewery) and there is always someone willing to explain the latest arrivals.

Greenwich Meantime Brewery also now has it’s own bar for those who have just been on one of their tours, or simply want to pop in to try some of their latest labels.

The Yacht itself is becoming more and more popular at weekends, to the point where i may even need to start booking a table in order to make sure i get a good view of the tv.

The food is great, too! Current specials include a fab Game Pie. There is also a huge Fish ‘n’ Chips which is big enough for both Ruby and i to share.

New Flat – Move in at the Start of December!

Success! After being told to move out of our flat before xmas by my landlord, i have quickly organised a new flat, in Bow, East London. Why East London? No idea, really. It was something that i could fix up quickly and also is a cheaper area so we do get a nice brand new flat which we’d never be able to afford to rent in the Clapham area.

I am also excited that we can try out a new part of London having only ever lived in Clapham whilst here in London town.

We’re slap on the Devons Road DLR and close to Mile End Tube so getting to work should be fairly easy.

After flat sharing for a year it is great to finally to have a place of our own right in time for xmas, which will be a great relief. There is enough storage space to finally tidy away everything as our current room is messy and it will be more comfortable when we’ve moved.

Here we go for some lovely Chinese food….

Just needs a big TV on the wall…

Tidy bedroom

Scary stranger in the bathroom