Obsession with iPad Games

Growing up in the 90s and 00s, my life was dominated by computer and video games like Championship Manager and Brian Lara’s Cricket. Many evenings and weekends were lost over the years to strategy and sport games. Sensible Soccer was also a favourite, but only in a social scenario, whilst the strategy games could dominate my entire life.

Sensible Soccer Commodore Amiga
Sensible Soccer

Championship Manager 99
Championship Manager 1999

Brian Lara's Cricket Playstation
Brian Lara’s Cricket

At University we would waste many a day playing full test matches in Brian Lara’s Cricket on the Playstation, whilst sending someone out for lecture duties (i.e. sign us all in and collect the notes).

It was then around my 30s that i started to miss new games, new consoles and all the hype around them. I didn’t really fancy playing games all night after working in IT during the day. I thought this would remain the case from their on, but then my iPad arrived and things have gone back to normal!

I was not convinced of the needs of tablet devices when they first arrived, but really appreciate their use now. I can connect to emails, news and sport scores without having to boot up a desktop computer. I can also play games that go beyond the limits of mobile phone technology and physical restrictions.

The tablet is also awesome for easily watching TV in another room, without having to port around any heavy items or be limited to what is on digital TV at that precise moment. With SkyGo and iPlayer apps, there is more TV available to choose from than i could possibly ever need.

It was the much-hyped Candy Crush that initially lured me in, before Clash of Clans led me to actually start paying money to speed up the game developments. I remain active in that plus Boom Beach, whilst Sim City BuildIt has helped me to continue on an old favourite that i used to play on the Commodore Amiga back in the day.

Candy Crush iPad
Candy Crush iPad

Boom Beach ipad
Boom Beach iPad

Clash of Clans iPad
Clash of Clans iPad

I am forever checking my tablet to see the latest progress of these games, to the point where i actually start to drive myself mad and cannot manage to hold my concentration long enough to watch a film from start to finish.

Several times recently i have contemplated getting a new console but have yet to do so. I have considered either a new PS4 or the latest XBox model. Alternatively an old Amiga or N64 could let me play some old retro games for a laugh instead, and are relatively easy to find on Ebay.

Commodore Amiga 500 Plus
Commodore Amiga 500 Plus

Contracting has given me more spare time than i had previously, but i still always feel that i should be using it constructively, so end up choosing not to invest in any new games machine. The iPad is taking up enough of my time, to be fair, and enables me to multitask because of it’s portability.