Big Bamboo, Shanghai Sports Bar

Big Bamboo, Shanghai Sports Bar was the destination for last night’s fun. I writing this as i put my head back together after a night of good old fashioned drinking.

Apparantly it is a British bar, but the interior seemed far more American style to me. We went there to enjoy some Premiership Football, plus play a little Pool and Foosball. It was Ruby’s chance to meet some of my work colleagues, and they warmed to her immediately.

The football itself was a bit of a non-starter really. Trying to explain to a chinese waitress that Bolton V West Bormich Albion is about as appealing as a Chilli in the eye just didn’t work and we only got fleeting coverage of EVerton V Portsmouth and the West Ham match. But football it still (just about) was, and the bar felt cosy.

Big Bamboo is probably the closest to my flat for western sports, so i expect i will be back soon. With pints of Tiger Beer at around 40 yuan each (£3.20), i cannot afford to go too often though. Budgeting in Shanghai is rather difficult, even after 2 months. Western pleasures are highly expensive, on any wage, but if i avoid them i cannot live on virtually nothing. We are starting to enjoy cooking together rather than ordering takeway and generally i can do lunches whilst Ruby knocks up a little Tofu Fish Soup for dinner.

I am pleased to see Ruby being comfortable with my friends and with western bar life. Indeed she seems to enjoy it as much as i do. She seems quite happy at the moment, and i have to plan some things for her birthday on the 9th. We’re starting to get a little competitive over our blogs too (geeks?!) and her’s is doing a little better than mine at the moment. She talks about chinese girly stuff, which seems quite popular. I pointed out that its because there’s alot more Chinese people to read hers :-P

I continue to work on our online painting shop website ( and am trying to improve its position on Google at the moment. This can take time, and is a very dull but necessary task. When that is done i can finish the site and hopefully start to sell some items. I hope to have everything in full progress by christmas which should be a busy time of year.

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