Bangkok done… Off to Krabi tomorrow…

We have had a GOOD time in Bangkok, and are really looking forward to the second week of the trip, which should be the island paradise that most people consider when talking of Thailand. Bangkok has been an interesting place for many reasons, and decent starting point for discovering Thailand, but the island retreats are really what we came here for.

After some financial issues were resolved we can now relax a little more. My cards from UK were not really much use, but i can rely on my Shanghai cards to get me by until back in blighty. We’ve managed to see the main sites in Bangkok without being too tourist-anal and have struck a good balance between sight-seeing and relaxing. I am hoping that the beach areas of Thailand will offer the simplicities that we need – sun, sea and sizzling seafood! :-) Only time will tell, and there are many options available for that island paradise feel. Krabi looks good for its location which allows Ruby and I to go our separate ways reasonably equidistant from our respective flights home – Bangkok for her and Kuala Lumpur for me.

We feel a bit more in control of our trip now and i’ve negotiated well with locals to get some completely free Tuk-Tuk trips around the city on the agreement that we’d spend a short time in local tailors, which reward drivers for delivering unsuspecting tourists. An Oscar-winning actor i might not be, but i have atleast seemed interested enough in my token 10 minutes in each establishment to earn my driver 50 Baht (£1) and allowed him to carry on our journey for free. It seems a good deal to me, and better than earlier in the week when we let the drivers tell us the deals.

I have just stuck all our photos from the last five days or so in Thailand on my Flickr account, so check that out if you’re interested… I shall also add another post soon, once we arrive in Krabi. We’re not sure yet, but that maybe our permanent base for the week before we part our separate ways and i return to London town on the 30th!!!

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