All you can eat Sushi/Wasabi/Sachi/Beer for £10

An offer too good to refuse was presented to me by a work colleague last week. Several Japanese restaurants in and around Dongping Lu offer all-you-can-eat-and-drink menus for around 160 yuan, just over £10. Some pretentious twats turn their noses up at this sort of thing, but the food was good. Add to that an endless supply of Sachi and beer and everyone’s happy! We managed to get through 20 plates in the end (predominantly seafood) but it was actually the effect of the Sachi that holted my crusade. I was under the impression that it was just hot Japanese wine, but after two jugs of it i was suddenly about to fall asleep on the table. I certainly lost that battle, and it was time to go home.

Needless to say we got our money’s worth, and to get through so much tasty seafood it was a certain bargain. Below are some photos from this visit plus also a random video of when one table’s chef started to burn all his food which left me struggling to breathe, let alone eat anymore. I plan to go back to similar such places maybe once every 6 weeks or so, as it was great fun. As you would expect with such an offer, the place was rammed with greedy drunk westerns (like me!) towards the end of the night.

I shall have a look out for similar places in Shanghai that perhaps do the same offer for maybe Mexican or European food. The morning after this trip was not so good, my back was ruined for some reason but it was worth it for the night before.

… Its now Tuesday and im back to my best(ish) now. I think i shall stick to an Irish pub this weekend for some well deserved Guinness and Irish Coffee. I shall also make a video of my journey to work on my fancy new bike, that shoul be quite entertaining. I haven’t been run over yet, but i’m certainly going to get medical insurance which the company offer for free.

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