32 Years Old Is Nothing To Celebrate

As it says on the tin, i am not pleased to be 32 this weekend, but i also am reasonably relaxed with the fact that i have got a few good things done in recent years making my age less of a worry.

I rarely receive presents these days but that makes anything i do get a bonus. Generally if there’s something i want, i have already gone and bought it, so it’s never easy to think of anything. To be honest, i am just happy this weekend as we’re away from London and enjoying a little bit of green scenery and peace and quiet. As brilliant as London is, i do appreciate getting away into the more boring places for a few days. I can now see us living somewhere else one day, though the money in London is much better so we have to stay for now. Perhaps a smaller city would be the right balance between relaxation and not getting too bored.

Times are tricky after paying off my credit card, but we’re getting by on Ruby’s chinese cooking at the moment which is proving quite fun. The only downside is she’ll occasionally throw in a little more chilli than is sensible and i’ll be left with a throbbing mouth afterwards. But we’re hoping to recreate over favourite chinese dishes over time with a little research and practice to get them just right.

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