Cunard Cruise to Norwegian Fjords – Bergen, Olden, Stavanger

This was our first ever cruise and a fantastic holiday, all in all. Ruby had wanted to try a cruise for many years but i was less enthuastic, having heard the typical opinions from others about what a cruise would entail.


Sun 20 Jul 14 Southampton, England Embark Ship
Mon 21 Jul 14 At Sea For 1 Day
Tue 22 Jul 14 Bergen, Norway Arrive Morning, Depart Afternoon
Wed 23 Jul 14 Andalsnes, Norway Arrive Early Morning, Possible Tender, Depart Early
Thu 24 Jul 14 Olden, Norway Arrive Morning, Depart Afternoon
Fri 25 Jul 14 Stavanger Arrive Morning, Depart Afternoon
Sat 26 Jul 14 At Sea For 1 Day
Sun 27 Jul 14 Southampton, England Debark Ship



I was pleased to be proven wrong, in the main, and Norway was a stunning location from which to gaze from our room’s balcony.

Norway Fjords Cunard Cruise


We were also very fortunate with the weather, too, with our first day there hitting 30C and good sunshine continuing throughout this week-long trip.


The holiday was made up of a day in each of the four Norwegian locations, each of which we would arrive at in the morning and leave early evening. There was also an additional day at the start and end of the holiday for travelling from Southampton to Norway and and then returning.

We had no real knowledge of cruise holidays prior to this trip so it was always going to be a bit of a lottery as to which cruise company to go for. We selected Cunard, mainly due to Ruby’s own brief research, and it was a good decision. We found Cunard to be really well organised, professional throughout and had no real complaints at any point in the trip. We have yet to try any other cruise companies, though, so having no-one else to compare Cunard to as yet.