Which painting would suit my bedroom best?

Let me know which of the following paintings i should order for my particuarly sparse bedroom. Being a typical bloke i haven’t made ANY attempt to spruce up my room yet, but it really is about time i make a start before Ruby comes over. It needs to feel a bit more homely and a splash of colour on the walls would certainly be a good start. I am thinking a wide painting would fit the space best, but those are rarer to find as most have a standard portrait or landscape ratio of 4:3-ish
The main consideration is the colours more than any actual detail. Perhaps you might have some ideas of your own. I like Renaissance style stuff but that would not be a great idea here without a large frame and matching antique furniture! So think 20th century, bright colours and preferably quite wide…

After that, i ought to sort out my desk and chair which are still only half set up (DIY ain’t my forte!) and have a serious think about how i actually laid everything out. At the moment i just crawl in from work and lie on the couch watching the One Show or whatever. (When i left UK that show used to be rubbish, but i actually quite like it now!) I really do find it hard to get round to small tasks in the house when it’s so easy to put them off for eternity. I think most people are like that, though. There is a word for it… mmm… ‘lazy’!

My bedroom – very bland!

Paintings ideas i have so far

Canyon – David Hockney

Jungle – Henri Rousseau

Castle and Sun – Paul Klee

Starry Night Van Gogh
Starry Night – Vincent Van Gogh (You can find Starry Night Van Gogh here)

Garrowby Hill – David Hockney

Tree of Life – Gustav Klimt

Nighthawks Edward Hopper